Sales Recruiting


This is arguably the most critical part of building or sustaining a strong business. Making a bad hire sets your company back months if not quarters.  We have a unique approach to finding the best sales professionals for our clients.  With build.develop.scale you not only work with experienced recruiters, you also have seasoned professionals who have walked in your sales manager's shoes and have hired hundreds of salespeople.  


What is our unique approach? In addition to our experience, we utilize award-winning sales assessments that objectively score over 20 sales competencies to ensure you are hiring the right salespeople for the right roles. Over 10,000 companies of all sizes have implemented our assessments into their recruiting process. See below for more information. 



Sales Consulting/Sales Team Evaluations

We provide companies with the most accurate insights for growing sales, profits, and market share. We look at your salespeople, strategies, and systems and can tell you whether your people can execute the company’s strategies, meet your expectations and belong in the roles they are in. You’ll learn which of your existing salespeople could be performing two, three or even four times better. You’ll discover what you must do in order to help those people achieve their potential. You’ll understand which of your people won’t ever perform any better than they do right now and why. We analyze your pipeline for quality and quantity and report on the effectiveness of sales management. We can then put together a go-forward plan and work with leadership to execute on this plan. ​

Sales Training


Collaborating with our clients to deliver either our own sales, hiring, or leadership training or facilitating client designed programs. Topics include prospecting, pre-call planning, post-call follow-up, social selling, discovery, negotiation, closing, sales management, sales recruiting and hiring. 

After spending over 25 years working in sales leadership and sales recruiting at world class companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce, LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters as well as a few successful start ups, we are excited to help our clients build their world class sales organizations. Take a look at our services and contact us to discuss your needs and how we can potentially help. 

Sales Candidate Assessments


Have you ever hired a salesperson that didn't work out, even though you were sure they would?


Over 10,000 companies, including Microsoft, Oracle and Hubspot, have used our Candidate Assessments to streamline their recruiting process and ensure they hire the best candidate for the job.  These award winning Assessments have a 95% success rate.


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Or see what our Assessment Reports look like for different sales roles:






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